Q: What are Child Safe Window Blinds?

In the UK, the child safety laws for blinds came into force on February 28, 2014, as part of the European Union's General Product Safety Regulations. These regulations require that all window blinds and shades sold in the UK must be designed and manufactured to be safe for young children and must be supplied with appropriate safety devices to reduce the risk of accidental strangulation.
Child safe blinds are designed to reduce the risk of accidental strangulation for young children. They typically feature cordless or motorized operation, eliminating the need for cords that can pose a hazard. Child safe blinds can provide peace of mind for parents and caregivers, while still offering the same great style and functionality as traditional blinds.

Q: What does our 3 Year Guarantee cover?

At Vue Window Blinds we offer a full 3-year guarantee on all blinds for defects in materials and workmanship. This means that if your blinds fail or break due to a manufacturing defect within three years of the purchase date you may be eligible for a repair or replacement at no cost to you.
However, it's important to note that any damage caused by you or any third party is not covered general wear and tear from general use would also not be included. It's important to properly maintain and care for your blinds to help ensure their longevity and reduce the risk of damage.

Q: What is meant by Made to Measure Window Blinds?

Here at Vue Window Blinds our Made to Measure service involves custom-making window treatments to fit the exact dimensions of your windows. This service is available throughout Glasgow and West Central Scotland providing a tailored and precise fit eliminating gaps or overlaps that can occur with standard-sized blinds. Made to measure blinds can be customised in terms of style, colour and materials providing a wide range of options to suit your preferences and interior design. This service can be particularly useful for non-standard or unusual window sizes and shapes.

Q: What does 'Home Shop' service mean?

At Vue Window Blinds we offer Free 'Home Shop' service. This enables you to choose your blinds from the comfort of your own home, allowing you to select fabric, materials and finishes with the ability to ask questions about various blinds, resulting in an informed decision. There are no pressurised sales tactics, for example we would never say, ‘buy today and receive an additional discount’.

Q: Is there a blind fitting charge?

There is no fit cost, we now fit all blinds Free of Charge in Glasgow and throughout Central Scotland ensuring your new blinds are fitted correctly resulting in them lasting for years to come.

Q: Do you take the old blinds away?

No, unfortunately we don't take the old blinds away; however, we will be happy to take the old blinds down and place them in a convenient location on the property for you. We will take away and dispose of any packaging in relation to your new blinds.

Q: Do you give an exact time of when the fitter will arrive?

At the time of booking you will be provided with an agreeable date for fitting or an approximate date the blinds will be ready upon which the fitter will contact you to arrange a suitable date. We are able to provide a morning or afternoon appointment but as each job is different it’s not possible to provide exact times. The fitter can arrange to contact you to advise when they are on route.

Q: Are the blinds manufactured in the UK?

Yes, all our blinds are manufactured in the UK, in-fact most of our blinds are manufactured right here in Glasgow, Scotland. See also Roller Blind Fabrics & Manufacturers >

Q: When do I pay for my blinds?

We usually take a 1/3 as a deposit at the time of booking unless otherwise agreed and the final balance is paid the day the blinds are fitted and you are 100% satisfied.

Q: Do you offer cheap blinds?

Our blinds are not 'cheap' in relation to quality, for example all Roller Blinds are fitted with a No Sew Bottom bar and UK Manufactured sidewinders; however, they cost less than most of our competitors while providing a superior product. This is because we do not have a fancy show room, instead we offer a very convenient 'Home Shop Service' in Glasgow and throughout Central Scotland. This way we can offer affordable great value blinds while still providing our customers a high quality product.

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