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VUE Shutters: Simplifying Your Choice

We offer a single type of shutter because it is simply the finest available. With so many options out there, choosing can be overwhelming. That is why we have streamlined the process for you. All you need to do is select your preferred louvre size—small, medium, or large.

Durable Aluminium Core

Our shutters are built to last. Each louvered shutter is reinforced with a robust aluminium core, ensuring your shutters remain durable and reliable over time.

Completely Waterproof

Looking for shutters for your bathroom? Our window shutters are perfect for wet environments. Specifically designed to resist water damage, they allow you to splash away without worry. Ideal for anyone seeking durable shutters in Glasgow.

Effortless Cleaning

Maintaining our shutters is a breeze. Just give them a quick brush with a feather duster. No feather duster? No problem—wet wipes work just as well. Perfect for those in Glasgow seeking low-maintenance shutters.

Rapid Delivery

By specialising in a single type of shutter, we can customise it to your exact specifications and deliver it within just 4 weeks. Experience one of the fastest shutter delivery in Glasgow and throughout west Central Scotland.


Our shutters like most of our blinds are manufactured in the UK which provides better turnaround time and increases product quality and service.

Elegant Matt White Finish

Our shutters feature a sophisticated matt white finish, avoiding any unwanted shine. Each shutter is meticulously hand-painted with UV-resistant white paint and dried individually. Ideal for those in Glasgow seeking stylish and durable shutters while also providing privacy and security.

• Small Louvres

Ideal for traditionalists, our small louvres limit light entry, offering a sophisticated and timeless look. Perfect for Glasgow residents seeking elegant shutter solutions.

• Medium Louvres

Our medium louvres are the most versatile and popular choice, suitable for a variety of settings. If you are uncertain, opt for the medium size—it is the perfect fit for most homes throughout Glasgow and West Central Scotland.

• Large Louvres

For a modern look, our large louvres are ideal. They provide a clearer view through the windows and allow more natural light to flood your room. Perfect for contemporary homes in Glasgow.

Small Louvres
Small Louvres

Medium Louvres
Medium Louvres

Large Louvres
Large Louvres

Why do you make only one type of shutter?

87% of People Buy White Shutters

Most customers prefer white shutters, which is why we exclusively produce them in this popular colour. This allows us to offer the fastest lead times for our Glasgow clients.

81% of People Choose Clearview

The majority of customers opt for Clearview shutters, which feature no visible rods for operation. This is why we specialise in this sleek and modern style, perfect for homes in Glasgow.

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